Wednesday, January 25, 2012

@ Pengerang, Johor

AsSalam semua,
After nearly two years without any post on this blog, now I'm back. referring to the title above, now I'm in Pengerang, Johor. project was started a few months ago but only now I was transferred by the management to the project site .. even though I had entered the 3rd week here and through the first 7 months at the headquarters, located in KL, but I have yet to adapt this new environment. I am actually very sad because I don't have friends like my friends at the previous company here. they are not just friends but they are like my own family.
discrimination in the workplace is everywhere. but we must be wise to handle it. life must go on .. I need to strengthen the spirit of precision in order to pursue my ambitions and gives an excellent future for my beloved family. dear family&friends, please pray for my success here.
to all my friends, after almost four years we are together in the old company, I still remember our memories together. I really miss all of you. and I hope we will be together again in the same company in the future. and to my beloved wife, I love you and I am very proud to say that you are the only for the rest of my life. to my beloved son who is very cute but energetic, do not be too naughty if you do not want pinched by your mother. hehe
Attached a few photos of reclamation work which is ongoing now (the pics will be uploaded shortly)..I wish I can find the right job at the right place soon..Amin.
editor's note: After I've gone through my previous post, i'm found that i'm really happy and not to serious in my previous post..but suddenly it's change..but i think only for tonight kot...maybe i'm not in the mood...I really do miss my family!!! please help me!!! (I know nobody can hear me because nobody read my post..wakakaka..AAK?)
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